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Transferring Religion Credit

Learn how to transfer religion credits from BYUI, BYUH, LDSBC, and institute.

To complete the Religion GE, there are two parts:

  • Cornerstone Requirement
  • Residency Hour Requirement

Religion credit that is taken through a CES school (BYU-Idaho, BYU-Hawaii, LDS Business College) may transfer to complete the subject matter requirement, but not the residency hour requirement.

Unlike religion credit from another CES school, which transfer with letter grades, institute credits transfer with pass/fail grades and therefore do not count towards the graded credits needed for admissions to BYU.

Transferring Religion Credit

To transfer institute credit, please request an official transcript signed by the institute director to

To transfer religion credit from BYUI, BYUH, or LDSBC, please submit a transcript to BYU.

Petition for Religion Credit

The Department of Religious Education has a petition form if you would like approval for a course substitution or a exceptions to university policy. Contact (801) 422-2735 if you have any questions about this petition process.