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The following are considered transfer applicants:

  • High school graduates that have enrolled in college after high school graduation
  • High school graduates that are currently enrolled in a college or university after graduation even though they do not have any completed credit. (The system will let you apply either as a freshman or transfer student. If you want to apply as a transfer student you will need to list the college and put zero GPA credits. If you have questions about your particular situation please contact us.)
  • Homeschooled applicants who have completed college credit after they have completed their homeschool requirements
  • Non-high school graduates who are over 18 and have enrolled in college after high school graduation (see parentheses above)

Transfer student with fewer than 24 graded credits – You will be required to submit transcripts of any college/university work you have completed in addition to your high school work. To see if an ACT or SAT score is required, check here.

Transfer student with 24 or more graded credits – You will be required to submit transcripts of any college/university work you have completed.

What counts as graded credit?

Any accredited, graded, college work including concurrent enrollment credit, including the following:

  • College credit received through BYU Continuing Education programs
  • Credit received through BYU Study Abroad programs
  • Language exams, if graded (not pass/fail)
  • International work that has been evaluated by one of our approved agencies (occasionally it is necessary to have an evaluation before it is possible to say how many credits an applicant has received)

What does not count as graded credit?

  • AP_IB & Cambridge Credits
  • BYU English Language Center classes
  • In-progress work (credit must be graded)
  • Non-graded credits
  • Pass/Fail credit
  • Pathway Connect Credit or any other work from a non-accredited institution (this will still need to be reported in your application)

The following are not considered transfer applicants:

  • Those who have only completed college credit while in high school (concurrent work/dual enrollment), or who have not enrolled in college after high school graduation. These applicants are considered freshmen
  • Homeschooled applicants who have completed college credits before they completed their homeschool requirements
  • Those who have already completed a bachelor’s degree. BYU does not offer second bachelor’s degrees. Those with bachelor’s degrees may consider a graduate program through Graduate Studies
  • We do not admit students who will not be 17 by the time the semester they are seeking has begun

Admission Application

  • Submit the application by the appropriate application deadlines.
  • Students should apply for the semester or term for which they wish to attend. Requests to change beginning semesters may not be accommodated.
  • The admission criteria are the same for all entry dates. One semester or term is not easier to get into over another.
  • Applicants intending to serve a mission can view full information about deferring here.
  • Applicants will need to submit a transcript for any concurrent college credit received.
  • Students who have completed a bachelor’s degree are not eligible for a second bachelor’s degree from BYU, but are welcome to apply to BYU graduate programs.
  • Transfer applicants with 90 or more graded semester credit hours are unlikely to be admitted.
  • For transfer guides, transfer evaluations, and transfer contact information, please visit Transfer Evaluation.
  • If you have completed any International college or university work, please see Evaluating International Work for more information. BYU will only accept official US-accredited transcripts without an evaluation.