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There are lots of reasons to come to BYU spring/summer. Learn more about them here.

Attending BYU during spring-summer has great advantages!

  • Smaller class sizes
  • More on-campus job openings
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Fun summer outdoor activities in Provo

In addition, new freshmen starting summer term can get priority registration for fall.


Term classes are condensed to eight weeks. Spring term classes run from the end of April to mid-June. Summer term classes run from mid-June to mid-August. (See the Academic Calendar for exact dates.) Full-time enrollment is different for spring and summer terms than fall and winter semesters. You are considered a full-time student if you enroll in 6 or more credits (4.5 for graduates students) during spring or summer terms, but you cannot enroll for more than the maximum allowable credits.

There is no priority registration date for spring and summer terms. All students can begin registering on the same day, which is the first business day in March. You have up to the respective add/drop deadlines for spring and summer terms to register for those classes.

Taking courses during spring-summer can actually lighten your class load and stress for fall and winter semesters. It can also help you to graduate on time or help you to graduate faster. It is a good time to take minor courses, GE courses, and prerequisite courses before the upcoming fall and winter semesters.

Visiting Students

Visiting students may take classes during spring and summer terms. You must apply to the university as a visiting student to take classes. See BYU Visiting Students for more information.

Semester-length Classes

Semester-length classes are classes that span both spring and summer terms (classes start the first day of spring term and end the last day of summer term.)

Semester-length classes will show up on your transcript only under spring term, and the hours for semester-length classes will only count toward spring term. You can find out which classes are being offered as semester-length classes by looking at the class schedule.

During the final exam period for spring term, you will not have class instruction for your semester-length classes. Your instructors may give out class assignments during this period or provide lectures through other methods, such as podcasts.

Semester-length classes have unique policies regarding grades and tuition:


Grades for spring-summer semester-length classes are posted in August. Since semester-length classes appear under spring term, an “NS” grade will be posted to your transcript after spring term is over and will stay there until grades are posted in August.

Spring/Summer Tuition Calculator


You will pay your tuition for semester-length classes at the same time as you would pay for spring term classes. Tuition for semester-length classes is calculated as if half of the credit hours were being taken in spring term and half were being taken in summer term. See the tuition calculator below.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

To learn more about how scholarships and financial aid works for spring and summer terms, see Spring/Summer Scholarships or Spring/Summer Federal Financial Aid.

Tuition Due Dates

  • Tuition for spring term classes and semester length classes is billed to your student account (if you are enrolled) beginning in March. The tuition for these classes will be combined as one tuition charge and is due seven days before the first day of spring term classes.
  • Tuition for summer term classes will also be billed to your student account (if you are enrolled) beginning in March. The tuition for these classes will be billed separately from spring term and semester length tuition and is due seven days before the first day of summer term classes.

Tuition Calculation

Tuition amounts are calculated as follows:

  • Spring term and summer term tuition charges are calculated separately according to the number of credit hours for which you are enrolled in each term. Click here for a breakdown of tuition rates by credit hour.
  • Semester-length class tuition will be split equally between spring and summer terms, but the total amount will be billed during the spring term and will be subject to the normal spring term deadlines.

For questions about tuition, contact Enrollment Services.