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Schedule Builder

Schedule Builder is an optional tool that will help you find the optimal class schedule that fits your needs.

How to Use Schedule Builder

Schedule Builder Tutorial

If you need help using Schedule Builder, follow these steps.


Before you begin searching for courses, select a semester and set some filters. There are three global filters in Schedule Builder.  

  1. Include full sections – if this filter is turned on, classes that are full will be included in case you want to get on the waitlist.
  2. Section types – select the section types to include in your potential schedule. There are four options: Day, Evening, Salt Lake, and Study Abroad. 
  3. Instruction modes – choose which instruction mode options you want to consider: Classroom, Blended, Live Remote Delivery, and On-Demand Remote Delivery. 


  • Block out times you don’t want classes in your schedule. No classes will be added that conflict with your breaks. 


  • Select the courses or envelopes you want by using the drop-down menus and clicking Add Course.  
  • Import classes already in your cart—or for which you’ve already registered—by clicking Import Cart or Import Registration.  


  • Click on the Filter Sections button to see all sections for a given course. Deselect any sections you don’t want to be considered.
  • Sections that conflict with global filters and/or breaks will be grayed out and unavailable to select. Hover over a section to see why it is grayed out.  


  • Click "Generate Schedule," and Schedule Builder will create a potential schedule while considering breaks and filters. 
  • View your schedule in both the list view and the calendar view. 
  • Make adjustments to the schedule by clicking “Try a Different Section” next to any class. Adjust your section filters, then generate a new potential schedule. 


  • Before priority registration: Save classes to your cart individually by clicking the “+C” button in the right-hand column, or save all classes at once by clicking “Save All to Registration Cart”.  
  • After priority registration: Register for the classes individually by clicking the “+A” button, or register for all of the classes at once by clicking “Register for All”. 
  • If Schedule Builder is unable to add a class for any reason, an error message will appear and will inform you of the reason(s) why the class could not be added.

Additional Information

  • Time Conflicts – While BYU allows you to register for classes that overlap, Schedule Builder will not create a schedule that has any conflicts. If there are two classes that occur at the same time, Schedule Builder will select one class and alert you that the other class could not be added because of a “collision.” A class that was not added can be prioritized over the included class. Or, you can register for conflicting classes manually in MyMap. Schedule Builder can also schedule classes that start immediately after a break, or end just before a break begins. (E.g. If a break is 8:00-10:00a.m., Schedule Building will consider classes starting at 10:00a.m.)
  • Credit Hour Limit – Schedule Builder allows you to add a max of 18 credit hours for Fall and Winter and a max of 9 credit hours for Spring and Summer. If you have a flag allowing you to register for more than the maximum amount of credits, you are only able to do so through MyMap after the first day of class. 
  • Class Requirements – Schedule builder will build a potential schedule with any classes you select, regardless of whether or not you meet class requirements (e.g. majors only, prerequisites, etc.). Requirements will be enforced when attempting to register.
  • Permission-to-Add Codes – Permission-to-add codes do not work with Schedule Builder and can only be used in MyMap.
  • Previously Generated Schedules – The “View Previously Generated Schedules” button allows you to view all of the previous schedules that you have created for that given semester or term. Any previously generated schedule can be regenerated.
  • R-Suffix courses – You can add multiple R-suffix sections to your Schedule Builder. R-suffix courses are the only classes that Schedule Builder will add multiple sections for.
  • Variable Credit Courses – Schedule Builder allows you to edit the number of credits you want for a variable credit course. After adding the course to your schedule, go to the list view and adjust the credit amount in the Credits column box.
  • Waitlist – If a class is full, click on “+WL” to be added to the waitlist. You must accept the waitlist terms.