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Registration and Academic Records Petitions

If you need to request an exception to add or withdraw from a class(es) after the add/drop deadline, we can help.

Start a Petition

Petitions Policy

University policy allows students one year to petition anything they think is incorrect on their record. However, you should file your petition as soon as you can.
Evening School or Salt Lake Center students must petition in those respective offices. For Academic Support, Financial Aid or Scholarship petition information, see below.

Steps in the Petition Process

  1. Initiate a Petition – identify the specific records changes needed, write statements to explain the purpose of the petition, and attach supporting documentation. 
  2. Instructor Comments – in most petitions comments from the instructor of the class in question are required, however, you are only responsible for providing them when you wish to add or audit a class in the current semester.
  3. Review – after all information is complete, the petition services committee reviews the request and makes a decision.
  4. Notification/Processing – after the decision has been made and the request processed by the records office, you will be notified of the decision via YMessage.
  5. Explanation of Decision – within 3 business days of the decision being communicated, you will be provided additional explanation about the decision, if necessary.


We handle petitions through the online system only. After we review your petition, you are welcome to make an appointment with a petitions counselor to discuss your request. If you feel we did not understand your situation completely, you may submit your petition a second time with additional information.

  • The committee will read all information from your first petition again along with any additional information included with the resubmission.
  • Make sure your statement is clear, detailed, and outlines the sequence of events.
  • You may upload any documents for your resubmission petition.


Medical/Clinical Verification Form – Please have your physician or clinician complete this form and provide any additional medical documents or letters that can explain your situation.

Employer’s Verification Form – This form tells us whether your employer changed your work schedule after the deadline(s).

International Student Clearance Form – International Student & Scholar Services (1351 WSC) needs to complete this form if you are requesting to drop below 12 credits.

Options if Unable to Complete Classes

  Definition Timing Consequences
Withdraw You remove yourself from the class on MyMAP by clicking on the “W”* to the right of your class. Before the withdraw deadline
  • “W” on your transcript
  • May affect financial aid, scholarships, housing, athletic, or  international student status.
  • $10 charge per class
Petition to Withdraw* The process for handling nonacademic situations after the withdraw deadline through an exception to BYU policy. After the withdraw deadline
  • $10 charge per class and a “W” on your transcript, if approved.
  • If denied, you will receive the grade earned, which may be a failing grade.
Discontinuance Withdraw from all classes. Before the discontinuance deadline
Incomplete A contract between you and your instructor to allow you more time to complete the class. After the discontinuance deadline
  • Instructor allows you to finish coursework (up to one year).
  • See Incomplete Contracts for more information.

*There is not a “medical withdraw” option.  If you withdraw from a class, it will appear as a “W” on your record, regardless of the reason.

Things you Cannot Petition

  • To be verified as a full-time student if you are not enrolled full-time in classes.
  • To remove credit from another school from your transcript. This includes AP credit. You need to contact the other school and petition them. You may resubmit a transcript if changes are made.
  • To be reinstated if you have been dropped for tuition nonpayment. If this happens to you, you can petition to restore your classes by meeting with an Enrollment Services Counselor. Before a petition can be started, you need to pre-pay your tuition on My Financial Center.
  • If you believe you should have a different grade, you should first try to resolve the issue with your instructor.  To find out more on how to resolve this issue, see our Student Academic Grievance Policy.

Other offices you may need to petition are linked below:

Academic Support
2500 WSC
(801) 422-2723
Petitions Process

Evening Classes
122 Harman Continuing Education Building
(801) 422-2872
Fax: (801) 422-0729

Financial Aid
D-155 ASB
(801) 422-4104
Fax: (801) 422-0729

Independent Study
(801) 422-2868
IS Petition form

Salt Lake Center
(801) 933-9400

D-155 ASB
(801) 422-4104